Cytaurus LLC provides an easy-to-use tool for any business by automatically deploying advanced "honeypots".

Honeypots are cybersecurity mechanisms, in effect “traps”, that detect and deflect cyber-criminals trying to steal critical data or hack into your systems.
Many businesses and home users are never even aware they are being hacked, reliant on firewalls and antivirus software to keep hackers at bay. These will not detect many types of intrusion, designed to work around traditional security methods.
At Cytaurus, our focus has been to develop a virtual honeypot that can be deployed for businesses of any size or for home users, regardless of the complexities of their networks and the scope of the connectivity environment.
Cytaurus works on Windows, Mac and Linux environments.


Next-Generation Driven Honeypots

Cytaurus' Honeypots as a service use advanced techniques to understand your network architecture and behavior.

Cytaurus determine dynamically which honeypot service to use and automatically detect Man in the Middle attacks on the network.

Cytaurus then emulates your network and deceives cyber-criminals who fall into the honeypot trap, keeping them away from your valuable data.

Integrate security into your networksecurity

Businesses need security tools that fit in with their current network and are easy to manage, Cytaurus fits that bill.
Fast installation with minimum configuration. Deployed as a service, Cytaurus easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.
Admins will receive instant notifications when an intrusion is detected.


How Cytaurus Works?

  • Cytaurus is deployed in your home, office, or enterprise network endpoints
  • Cytaurus passively inspects your network and data, and mimics it
  • Cytaurus creates and emulates the honeypot creating a decoy target
  • Cybercriminals are lured to the ‘honeypot’ where the fake data resides
  • Network administrators are alerted and the threat is neutralized
  • You can easily track the network’s status using our secure Web and Mobile Application

Unique FeaturesFeatures

Cytaurus is packed with focused, high-value features of practical benefit to the business or user.

The client installs Cytaurus’ agents on the organization’s end-points. The agents know how to fit on the network and dynamically change so the attacker cannot predict their presence.

The agents connect to a heavy-duty Deception System in the cloud, where the honeypots reside, keeping hackers out of your network.

Each agent is equipped with a Man-In-The-Middle Detector to prevent legitimate data requests being hijacked by hackers and used to steal data.

Client logs are secured using cryptographic methods. No one besides the client can access the logs.

Cytaurus agents will work on any network, and the dashboards are available from any location, ideal if your employees work out of the office or from home.

If you suffer a breach and then start looking for security tools, Cytaurus agents can be installed and will help you after the breach to see if there is still malicious activity taking place on your network.

Cytaurus will only register genuine attacks, so your inbox or phone will not be clogged with reports of legitimate network use.

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